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Open Town A new Web3 crowdfunding

for NGOs and local Govs working on community growth.

New Crowdfunding

Raise funds and gain supporters from around the world

NGOs, local governments, and businesses can boost communities with Open Town's NFT crowdfunding. Here NFTs are more than digital art, they’re a way of community participation, as more than token ownership, after purchasing a token you’ll receive special access to participating in the community.

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The Open Town team will provide all necessary support to implement your project!

Support for issuing and selling NFTs

The Open Town team will support NGOs in the process of building the website, creating and selling the NFTs.

Community Formation Support

Open Town’s community team will support building a community online to ensure a more sustainable project management.

Past Projects

The earnings from the Savanna Kidz NFT project funded infrastructure for better studying conditions!

NGO Case Studies

Savanna Kidz Project, Karungu Village, Uganda

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1st project: Installation of water storage tanks

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During the last 20 years, the people of the Karungu village had no water storage tanks, so children had to walk around 12 km daily along a dangerous mountain route to get water from the local river. However, with the recent construction of a rainwater storage tank, the villagers now have access to drinking water.

2nd project: Construction of classrooms equipped with modern windows

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This initiative was made possible by the collective vote of residents and NFT holders.

The previous classrooms were temporary structures that lacked windows, doors, and even floors. Thanks to the earnings from the Savanna Kidz NFT, a brand new and comfortable classroom was built to give a better learning experience to children.

The sales of Yokoze Color Pass NFT funded Web3 education for local Elementary and High School students

Municipal Case Studies

Yokoze, Chichibu, Saitama, Japan

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[JOY LAB] is a project addressed to elementary and junior high school students and local residents, to help them learn Web3

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Starting in January 2023, Yokoze Town offered 2 hours and 7-day Web3 course in Jan 2023, attended by students, residents, and NFT holders who created digital art and turned it into NFTs.

During the course, the students were able to create their own digital art, issue NFTs, and promote and sell their work

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Elementary and junior high school students, as well as NFT holders from Yokoze Town, collaborated to create a variety of NFT artworks. During the NFT presentation, almost all of the participants expressed their desire to continue creating more NFTs in the future.

Steps for a successful project


Decide the project outline


The first step is to articulate the purpose of the project and identify the target audience who will participate and contribute to the community.

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Content Creation

Creation of digital art (community participation certificate)

To create community cohesion, the Open Town team will provide support in determining the number of digital art pieces to be issued and their price, starting with a design that resonates with the community.

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Web site Creation

Prior to the launch of the sale, the NGO/municipality will create a digital art sales page, and the Open Town team will develop the page using the project content provided by the NGO/municipality.

Community Building

To foster a sense of community, we will establish common goals and vision and create online communities on Twitter and Discord. Our community team will support you in building and growing your online presence.

Start the NFT Sales!


Project Start!


By using the proceeds from NFT sales, there are various ways you can improve your community, such as building water tanks, constructing a new elementary school, and offering Web3 courses. Community members are encouraged to share their ideas and skills for future projects.

By consistently managing your community, you can welcome many new members and initiate future projects.

Start raising funds with Open Town, a new crowdfunding alternative!


Create a project doesn't require any special costs! However, community members are expected to be actively committed. This involves collaborating with the Open Town team to create NFTs and other creative work, generating ideas, carrying out ongoing social networking and promotions, and managing the community.
To be eligible for review, please ensure that you have a concrete project proposal that includes a broad project description and rewards, as well as a process for selling NFTs for a fee within the project.
There is a commission of 20% of the proceeds of Community participation certificates (NFT) sales for the Open Town platform
It would be great to have a project that continuously involves community participation certificates (NFTs). In the past, we have implemented some ideas, such as offering web3 learning courses where community members can learn the NFT creation process and communicate with each other, which would revitalize the local community.
No problem! Open Town's Creative Director can design the community's NFT on your behalf. However, this is limited to membership type designs that follow the NFT Art Guidelines.
There are two benefits to using NFTs: marketing and promotion, and transparency: 1.NFTs are a hot topic currently and can be used to promote businesses, municipalities, and NGOs, and attract new supporters. 2. Crowdfunding has been a centralized mechanism, which can make it unclear to supporters how their donations will be used. However, NFTs use blockchain technology to record purchases, providing a transparent transaction history to supporters.

NFT issuance support -: Open Town's blockchain engineers will handle the entire process of issuing NFTs as community participation certificates on your behalf. (If you would like to issue NFTs according to specifications other than the NFT art guidelines, we can provide this service for an additional fee upon consultation.)

Creative Support -: Open Town's Creative Director will provide design suggestions to create the NFTs, and assist with image output and design work as needed. (If you prefer to issue NFTs according to specifications other than the NFT art guidelines, we can provide this service for an additional fee upon consultation.)

Website Creation Support: - We will create a website to promote the project and sell community participation rights on behalf of the NGO/municipality, based on their proposals and project content. The NGO/municipality will provide the content for the website.

Press release support: Open Town's PR team will assist you in writing and distributing your press release to all interested parties.

Initial Twitter Operations Support: The Open Town Community team will provide support for initial Twitter operations.

Discord community management support: For a sustainable project management, Open Town Community team will help you build an online community on Discord.

Please see the Open Town Guidelines for a summary of the Town's goals and project outline to date.
Web3 is a different kind of Internet compared to what you're used to. It enables people to share information with each other, rather than having a single entity collect information in one place. This allows multiple people to work together, such as in protecting the environment and animals, or in building a community where everyone can live comfortably. In addition, protecting information is vital, and Web3 can be utilized to safeguard important data and provide secure payment transactions for added peace of mind.

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